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Thank you for your support and for allowing us the opportunity to create a unique experience that will change the lives of others for the betterment of the real estate industry.


We are excited to present "The New Majority", and with the help of your contribution we will establish a socially conscious platform dedicated to serving minorities in the real estate industry.

Meeting this goal is important to fund future collaborations and events as well as the development of upcoming real estate investors, agents and builders.


We will showcase wholesaling, investing, financial literacy, new builds, fix and flips and fundamental real estate education.


Our goal is to produce new courses of action that will instill support and economic growth within the urban communities. Social economics education is the key to helping minority families today. Our goal is to grow not as individuals but as a community.



The following donor tiers are available:


  • $750 (cross promotion - advertisement on our marketing material for the remainder of the winter season. For the month of February an invitation to advertise and promote via our private group)


  • $500 (half price sponsor at next event)


  • $250 (recognition and a booth table open bar)


Subject to the selected tier, donors will receive:


  • up to 4 guest- $100 Value

  • recognition during event

  • information table at the event

  • open bar

  • complimentary advertisement and attendance to events during season or quarter

  • 1 month of exclusive direct marketing

  • advertisement on our social media marketing

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